Advisory Services

We start with an interview session at no cost to assess your real needs and agree on clear key result areas.

Focus is on superior outcomes.

Business strategies for superior profits

Are you working harder each year and achieving profitless growth or, even worse, your business has plateaued and you feel you are going backwards?  During your business life cycle,  you need to regularly stop and reassess your strategy and, if necessary, “reinvent” or “recharge” your business.  It is not a long process; you just need to take a breath and undertake a brief reassessment of your market, your industry, the capacity of your people, and the relevance of your products and services to the market.  Following this, I can assist you to put in place a clear strategy for optimum success and reinvigoration.

Developing leaders for success

There are many managers, but very few leaders available or people with the capacity to be a good leader. The board of directors/owners need to ensure the company puts in place the right structure to recruit potential leaders and provide the support, empowerment and milestones for them to be able to achieve. Companies are often critical of junior employees, yet senior leaders are not exposed to the same key performance indicators and can be allowed to survive with substandard performance. My focus is to build a structure with clarity of the leader’s job role, and to provide empowerment and accountability for the ongoing success of the organisation.

Working towards business survival & sustainability

Is your company struggling, having difficulty meeting your cash flow requirements, not able to grow sales, and it feels as if you are carrying too  many overheads?  You have no-one to turn to for help and guidance? Often, the difference between failure and success is very simple and requires an objective assessment of your business environment, strategy, and talent pool. This has been my role for many years working cohesively with shareholders, bankers and all stakeholders. It is important not to be hampered by favouritism, family decisions or history. “Today” is the only day to be able to influence the future. Seek help.

Specialised family business understanding

Working in a family company is extremely tough – focusing on business issues while being sensitive to emotional and family issues. Over the years, I have had a lot of experience working in family companies addressing their unique family challenges and implementing the special steps needed to be taken for success. It is important also to ensure there is successful transition between generations, objectively assessing the capacity of members to undertake roles, having clear job responsibilities and making sure family members are not set up for failure. We work together in an open and factual manner to ensure the business prospers.

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