Rewired, Rehired or Retired?

A Global Guide for the Experienced Worker

By:Robert K Critchley
Publisher:Jossey-Bass Pfeiffer (A Wiley Company)

Lead Your Life, Don’t Follow it!

If your days are filled with complete enjoyment and satisfaction, congratulations! But if you are like many of us approaching, have reached or passed our 50th birthday and are wondering about the rest of your career and how to enrich your life, then this book is for you!

Rewired, Rehired, or Retired? will inspire you to take a hard and sometimes confronting look at your life, while giving you actual tools and guidance to achieve a rewarding and satisfying future. You may find that …

  • You really do enjoy the things you are doing and continue doing them;
  • There are other things you would like to do;
  • You don’t have a choice but to consider your options because you find yourself without the job security you once had;
  • As a manager, you’re helping experienced workers plot their next move.

Whatever your situation, you will feel more confident setting your next course of action because this book will help you think through your range of options, implement practical next steps – to thrive in a changing world and take control of leading your life!

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  • Now translated into Spanish!
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