Rewire or Rust!

Lead Your Life and Career… Don’t Follow it!

By:Robert K Critchley
Publisher:Wrightbooks (An imprint of John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd)
It’s no secret that the workplace is changing. New technology, an ageing population and a looming skills shortage are having a monumental effect on the way we work now and how we will work in the future.

In Rewire or Rust!, expert strategic consultant, Robert Critchley, analyses the changing world of work, delivering insightful information and practical exercises to help anyone achieve their ideal work/life balance. He discusses:

  • The new workplace and its multigenerational mix
  • How to develop a personal plan that takes into account your work and personal satisfiers/dissatisfiers
  • Unexpected unemployment, career change concerns and flexible work options
  • Career and life priorities, and how to turn your dreams into reality and achieve balance.

If you are wanting to develop your career and follow your passions, or if you are preparing to retire, wanting to downshift or planning a return to the workforce, Rewire or Rust! will help you achieve your goal.