Doing Nothing Is Not An Option

Facing the Imminent Labor Crisis

By:Robert K Critchley
Publisher:Thomson South-Western

In the year 2010, there will be 169 million jobs in the United States and only 159 million people to undertake them.

The changes in composition of the U.S. workforce and many other developed economies is unavoidable. Given the current economic climate, many CEOs choose to ignore the figures. Other managers may suggest that outsourcing or increased immigration will solve the problem. Several factors suggest that these tactics are insufficient. Outsourcing as a solution has not produced the results that were expected. Immigration numbers, if anything, are being pressured downward due to concerns about terrorism. This phenomenon is not isolated to the United States; nearly every developed nation is experiencing this same shift in the workforce. Since this is a global issue, countries will be competing for labor resources.

What are the implications of this dramatic shift? There is a message for CEOs and Human Resource Officers: Doing Nothing is Not an Option!

As the leader of your organization, planning for the future is essential and to ignore the inevitable puts the future of your organization at risk.

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