Books by Robert Critchley

Rewired, Rehired or Retired?

A Global Guide for the Experienced Worker

Lead Your Life, Don’t Follow it!
If your days are filled with complete enjoyment and satisfaction, congratulations! But if you are like many of us approaching, have reached or passed our 50th birthday and are wondering about the rest of your career and how to enrich your life, then this book is for you!

Doing Nothing Is Not An Option

Facing the Imminent Labor Crisis

In the year 2010, there will be 169 million jobs in the United States and only 159 million people to undertake them. The changes in composition of the U.S. workforce and many other developed economies is unavoidable. Given the current economic climate, many CEOs choose to ignore the figures.

Rewire or Rust!

Lead Your Life and Career… Don’t Follow it!

It’s no secret that the workplace is changing. New technology, an ageing population and a looming skills shortage are having a monumental effect on the way we work now and how we will work in the future.