What clients say

Bob has been involved with the Robson business for over 12 years as a trusted business mentor and advisor.  He currently sits on our Board of Directors as the Deputy Chairman and whilst he has vast experience in the corporate world, it’s his ability to guide and support the family business through the various challenges it faces, in a simplified and inclusive manner with the Board, that has been his most invaluable trait.

Bob’s unique blend of considerable experience in corporate banking, executive placement and career management combined with his relaxed, down to earth approach with people is what I believe has endeared him as an integral member of the Robson Board and executive team. 

In all my dealings with Bob I have found him to be one of the most honest, trustworthy and considerate people I have dealt with in business.  He is a true gentleman in every way and thankfully, he also has a great sense of humour!

Grant Robson
Managing Director, Robson Civil Projects

Bob and I worked together at Premier Cabs over the many years he was a director. His astute business acumen was behind the successful transformation of the business from a cooperative into a private company, guiding us through that complex process.

Bob’s advanced strategic skills and insight played a pivotal role in the success the company subsequently enjoyed over many years.

He has a unique gift for spotting opportunity and then refining the strategic options to select the best one for the business at that moment in time.

I was very fortunate to be mentored while Bob was a director at Premier and this has continued after he sold the company. I’ve also had the privilege of meeting a number of Bob’s other clients and business partners over the years and all say the same thing. Bob really delivers value both in terms of strategy and execution.  He operates with standards of the highest integrity and builds relationships that last.

More than that, I am most fortunate to have become friends with Bob, as have many of his clients over the years. Bob cares deeply for the people he works with and continues to, well after a project has completed. I count him as one of the most influential people I’ve ever met and a great mentor and friend.

Stuart Palmer 
CEO, Premier Cabs

Bob and I had the opportunity to work together during his tenure at DBM, and we have subsequently partnered on several different consulting assignments across multiple continents. He is culturally astute, a sharp strategic thinker, and a talented consultant, speaker, and author.

Bob is a man of integrity who is always working towards the best interests of his clients. He has a knack for creative problem solving, helping to find solutions that are not always clear or obvious. Bob’s nature is easy going, humble, and friendly. He knows how to make you feel comfortable even when he’s asking the hard questions, and he always stays focused on driving towards the desired end results.

Shari Fryer
President, Shari Fryer & Associates

Bob has been involved with Hy-Clor since 2014.  Initially he was a consultant to the company, primarily in the finance area and in mentoring the then new CEO.  In 2017 he was invited to join the Board and in 2018 became a shareholder.

His experience as a Board member and his many strengths, particularly in the areas of finance and financial planning, have been invaluable.  We are very proud to have Bob as a Director of Hy-Clor Australia – he is still actively involved as an advisor and mentor to the CEO and Senior Management Team.

Bob has a tremendous ability to cut through the excuses, the corporate jargon and the irrelevancies to make sure you get the hard, true facts required to make your business work the best way it can.

Without his wisdom, experience and trust, we would never be in the position we are to grow and enjoy a thriving successful business.

We also consider Bob a friend and thoroughly enjoy all the time we spend with him – even when he delivers those necessary “hard truths”.

Mark Sheridan  – Chief Executive Officer
Paul Sheridan
– Deputy Chairman

Bob has not only been an incredible resource for me over the past five years, but also a great friend. Transitioning out of any industry can be tough, but having Bob guide me through this process has been nothing short of fantastic.

Bob has used his expertise to help in a variety of ways. From acting as a personal mentor to helping structure our family business to be more profitable, he has done it all. His experience and knowledge of business, as well as his ethical approach to all things, makes Bob an incredible asset to any organisation looking to improve.

Nick Smith – ex Sydney Swans player

I first met Bob in 2012 and soon after engaged Bob as an advisor for a family business in the hospitality space which I was CEO for. Bob worked with us for a number of years and assisted us greatly across finance, human resources, governance and family business dynamics. His expertise around banking is second to none, approach to human resources is refreshing and given his demeanour is very adept at facilitating the conversations often had within the family business context.

With a corporate background in banking myself, Bob and I share a common understanding and belief around business and have in more recent times been fortunate to have Bob as an informal mentor, friend and referee. Bob is always there for me as a strong constant, providing well timed advice and encouragement with his sense of humour and candour. I value the time Bob shares with me and believe I am fortunate to have Bob’s support.

Lisa Hobbs
Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Director

I have known Robert Critchley as a personal friend for over 10 years and he has been a valuable member of the board of Wynstan for that entire period. I have found Bob to be one of the most insightful and intelligent people that I have had the pleasure of being in business with. Bob’s history in business has made him an extremely valuable member of our board to drive the Wynstan brand and company structure to be one of the most successful blind and door home improvement businesses in Australia.

There have been many times that I have had to draw upon Bob’s experience and knowledge to assist me in decision making in the company and on a personal basis. We have always had the ability to respect each other’s opinion and achieve the best outcome in all areas.

Bruce Turner
Managing Director, Wynstan

I first met Bob in 2011 when I was CEO of Bras ‘n’ Things and he was appointed Chairman.  Bob is a very smart operator and has a wealth of experience as a company director, he was always there for support and guidance. Bob also has a huge focus on human resources and by running  focus groups for my team out in the field, we managed to implement a number of new initiatives very quickly that saved time for the team and ironed out certain issues for head office.  That aside, Bob was a wonderful asset to the Board and was highly regarded by all those around him.  We worked in that capacity for five years.

Since then, Bob has been an informal mentor, referee, and friend and I ensure I connect with him on a regular basis. His strong communication skills, high integrity, depth of company and people knowledge, and general across-the-board experience is extremely valuable to me.  I feel very privileged to have him as a sounding board and a friend.

Nicole Noye
Chief Executive and Experience Officer / Non-Executive Director

Bob is my life-time career mentor. His commercial capabilities combined with people oriented warm heart have led his organisations to be more competent places that people like to work for. His expertise in managing aged workers will ensure he keeps contributing to worldwide policy makers in this fast ageing society.

Jay Han
CEO, Ingeus Korea

There are management consultants, speakers, advisors, and then there is Bob Critchley.  His deep and rich background in successful senior management positions, including Managing Director and Chairman, give credibility and perspective in his strategic consultations and lectures.

The real secret though, is the integrity and respect Bob commands.

In the corporate boardroom, he is honest, trustworthy, confidential, yet charming and graceful in his approach.  On the speaker’s rostrum, he is inviting, warm, sincere and has the ability to become a virtual family member.

He is one of those rare individuals in that once you spend time with him, hear his thoughts, and witness his ability to process information quickly and accurately, you will most likely feel as I do.  Yes, Bob’s warmth and charm help, but it is his character and substance that make him such a valuable asset to senior management and their staff.

Bob Longwell
Chief Executive Office
Australian Radio Network Pty Ltd

On many occasions I have witnessed Bob present and each time he impresses me enormously. Bob integrates rigorous research and analysis with sound pragmatic principles that offer participants tangible new learning to apply back in the workplace. He delivers all this in the most professional, entertaining, and down-to-earth approach.

Serge Sardo
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Human Resources Institute

The Australian Institute of Management has a high regard for Robert Critchley’s capabilities as a strategic thinker and communicator on organisational performance.

Robert has spoken at a number of our events for business and government executives.

We find that Robert’s achievements as a CEO, chairman and Board member mean he has the respect of audiences. But what sets Robert apart, is his high level communication skills and his ability to relate to the broad cross section of management.

Susan Heron
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Institute of Management VT

Bob Critchley and I have worked together over the past 3 years on a number of senior executive education programs and in delivering national Keynote Speaker and facilitation assignments to large numbers of successful business entrepreneurs and professional services providers.

Bob is unique.  He combines many years experience as a senior business banker, then became a highly successful entrepreneur running his own businesses, firstly within Australia and then internationally.

He now also has the experience of being the Chair or an External Director for a number of Australian ASX publicly listed companies and several large private enterprises. He is renowned for his capabilities in best practice corporate finance, corporate governance and senior level executive development.

He is also a successful author, an accomplished presenter and public speaker.

More than being a rare business talent, Bob is a “giver” to the broader Australian community.

He genuinely seeks to enrich both the business and personal lives of the people he works with and those he meets in his extensive array of business activities.

It has been my privilege to work with him and I look forward to our long term future relationship.

Graeme A. Herps
Centre for Enterprise Development and Entrepreneurship
GYB Pty Ltd
CEDE Foundation

Bob was a key-note speaker at our MBE Conference in Langkawi. With Bob’s broad business background, he delivered a thought provoking presentation aimed at developing a winning culture, business values, creating flexible work practices, making the most of skills shortages and life choices. Thanks to Bob’s extensive experience in business and his superb content and delivery, our delegates left re-thinking the way they conduct business and how they can positively impact their future business decisions.  While with us Bob took the time to stay on and network with our delegates and help them with their own specific needs. I highly recommend Bob as a professional, motivating key-note speaker for any progressive business.

Bill Hindmarsh
Managing Director
KPSS Australia

We have been lucky enough to have Bob present at various events for St George Bank including to a large audience of our key corporate clients and to a group of our senior management team.  Bob’s strategy sessions on motivation of employees and improving performance helped us renew our energy and excitement about the future direction of our business.

Jackie Fraher
Executive Manager, Corporate & Business Banking
St George Bank

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